TryoutTracker FAQ

*** Having trouble installing to the iPod Touch? ***

Here is the recommended procedure directly from Apple that has helped another customer with this problem:

  1. Delete the software from your iTunes library and then re-download it. Once you have purchased something, you can re-download it again for free.
  2. Turn the iPod off and on.
  3. Re-sync the iPod with iTunes.

1) How do I get the TryoutTracker?

The application is available through the App Store on your iPhone. If you search for "tryouttracker" you'll find the application available for purchase for $1.99.

2) Why isn't there a delete group button?

To avoid someone accidentally deleting an entire group there isn't a delete group button. However, you can use the erase unranked players button to remove any players that do not have a ranking. Any players that have been ranked have to be deleted individually.

3) What do the big numbers mean on the draft list screen?

The number corresponds to the star ranking assigned to each skill. If you ranked a player by giving him/her 4 stars in hitting then you would see a 4 next to the name on the list.

4) Why are the rank numbers on the draft screen colored differently?

The darker the number the higher the ranking. A ranking of 5 is black whereas a ranking of 1 is light grey.

5) Will the TryoutTracker work for Softball?

Asolutely, you can use the TryoutTracker for Baseball or Softball.

6) How do I add a new player?

Click on the "Set Up" tab and then click on the group that contains the player you want to add. When you click the "Edit" button you will see a row at the bottom of the list that says "Add new player". This will take you to a screen that will allow you to type in a new player name.

7) How do I delete a ranked player?

Click on the "Set Up" tab and then click on the group that contains the player you want to remove. If you drag your finger across the players name a delete button will appear that will allow you to delete the player. You can also click the "Edit" button in the upper right of the screen and then click on a minus sign next to the name. Clicking "Edit" is also how you add new players to a group.

8) Is it possible to import a list of players?

There isn't a way to import players into a group. However, what you can do is create a new group and set the number of players to automatically be created to be equal to the number of players in your tryout list. You can then use the numbers of the automatically created players to match up with the numbered players on your list of players trying out. As the players try out you can change the name from the generic "Player 000" to a real name.

9) Where do I put the jersey number?

The player lists are sorted by name so if you would like the list to be sorted by jersey number you can put the number at the beginning of the name. For example, "01 Trent", "11 Blake",etc.